Rafah had a strong reaction to an insect bite. The crest was clearly swollen, the skin around the bite had crusts and wept. There were more visible bites, but the reaction wasn’t that strong. 

After washing the mane and crest twice with the soap "Lanci" by Hyssani, the skin had clearly improved. It wasn’t swollen anymore, and the skin had healed. Thanks to the intensive scent the soap leaves on the skin the mosquitoes apparently didn’t want to re-attack Rafah anymore. 




Ghadamez is presented at competitions and therefore his legs need be perfectly clean. We washed his legs with water, used the soap "Nesca" by Hyssani, rubbed it into the hair, rinsed it off and were very satisfied with the result. 

With Hugo, his tail is often very dirty. When using shampoo, the tail becomes cleaner, but it still stays a little yellow. After washing the tail with the soap Nesca, it was really clean and white even though I had only washed it once. I think a heavily soiled tail needs to be washed twice.