We are Ramona and Lamine Kheddache-Leufgen




Horses have been our passion for a long time. We have both turned our passion into our profession and cannot imagine a life without  horses.  We have a riding stable in Herresbach, in the municipality of Amel (Belgium) and know the everyday problems of riders and horses very well.


In the everyday life with our horses, there are two main issues for us: 

We couldn’t find efficient products with satisfying results to wash our horses.

The amount of plastic waste produced when using shampoos to wash our horses was a major issue for us. 


We therefore decided to make our own soap and since we were very satisfied with the results we made the decision to set up a small start-up. 

Ramona Leufgen


I am the manager of the “Equicenter Leufgen”. I manage the riding school and give riding lessons.


  •      First riding lesson at the age of 7 
  •      First competition at the age of 9
  •      First horse at the age of 12
  •      Sports career in Belgium, Luxemburg and France
  •      Riding instructor certified by ADEPS
  •      Professional freelance riding instructor and rider since 2002
  •      Manager of the “Equicenter Leufgen" since 2006


Lamine Kheddache 


I am first and foremost a rider. I represent my home country, Algeria in competitions and I am also a riding instructor. 

  • First contact with horses at the age of 8
  • First competition at the age of 10
  • Member of the national Algerian team since the age of 16 
  • From 2002 to 2004 professional rider in France, from 2004 on in Belgium 
  • Successful participation in international competitions
  • Maghreb-Champion in 2010 with the Algerian national team, vice-champion in the individual ranking